Mariposa County Republican Party

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The Purpose of the Republican Central Committee

The purpose of this committee is to register citizens to vote, get qualified Conservative Republican candidates elected to office, and to get out the vote on Election Day. We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in and help us elect Republican candidates to local, state, and national office.

A county central committee is the official political organization within the county.

The committee performs duties that are prescribed by law and does all things necessary to carry on a full-time, aggressive, party program.

California law provides for the election of a county central committee at every direct primary for each legal political party.

Chairman's Message

Obama Must Go

The next election is approaching fast.  It is crucial that we elect conservative republicans to every office. The House, Senate, State House, Judges and even County Supervisors. Each one of the people we elect to office make decisions, every day, that effect our lives.

Under the current Democratic Leadership the USA has accelerated its decline into Socialism.  We will not recognize our country if we are subject to another four years of the Socialist/Marxist ideals of the current administration.

I am asking for your help and support.   If everyone would just do something we can make a difference!  We will make a difference!  It is not too late.  We can take our Country back!

What can you do? 
            *help at our election headquarters
            *make calls to get our the vote
            *attend and support Republican functions/events
            *ask, urge your family and friends to vote…the right way
            *donate money, every dollar helps
            *put up a sign in your yard and or a sticker on your car
            *let your voice be heard!

Please contact us if you can help. 

Thank you,

Rich Westfall
Chairman, Mariposa County Republican Party